Accelerate your solar business with SunPro+

Quick go-live

Quick go-live

SunPro+ enables you to generate a techno-commercial proposal, for a variety of customer segments easily and quickly. What took a large backend support team and multiple client visits, can now be done in 5 minutes.

Increase Sales Network

Increase Sales Network

SunPro+ is easy-to-use solar software. No prior solar background or training is required to use the software. Plus it offers flexibility to hire sales members from diverse backgrounds.

Consistent Quality

Consistent Quality

Vendors are required to meet the pre-qualification criteria of standard quality and adhering to timelines. With SunPro+ as your partner, you will have access to global vendors who can handle your domestic requirements efficiently.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Faster decision-making with SunPro+ smart business analytics solution. It provides in-depth analytics for solar sales teams to target and nurture customers.

SunPro+ is an easy-to-use adaptable interface which empowers your sales team to understand customer requirements and offers custom solutions instantly. Invest in the right technology for your solar business.

Amplify productivity

SunPro+ has in-built tools which allow you to monitor the performance of employees and independent sales agents. Identify areas of strength and improvement.

Integration possibilities

Seamless integration of SunPro+ with leading software solutions at various stages of solar sales workflow, from in-depth designs to asset management.

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Why choose SunPro+ as your partner?

Acquisition Costs

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs up to 90% by eliminating inefficiencies and reducing overheads.

Reduce sales cycle duration from 5-6 meetings to 1-2 meetings.

Custom solar power system design incorporates all customer criteria

Maximize team productivity as platform integrates with leading solar software solutions ensuring seamless flow of information.

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