Avoid these 3 mistakes in solar sales at all costs

Avoid these 3 Mistakes in Solar Sales at all Costs

Sales is not a cakewalk. Add to it the challenges of a niche market that’s fairly new to a major chunk of the pie, and it becomes a herculean task. Yes, we are talking about solar businesses. And, you might argue what’s new about solar products? They have been much known about since quite a time. Well, true that solar products have been talked about since people became aware of ‘greener alternatives’. However, there is a huge gap between knowledge and adoption. 

People haven’t yet budged beyond ‘just’ knowing. The challenge of ‘shifting’ to solar lurks big time. Factors such as expense, installation time, maintenance related cost, etc. are major hindrances in the adoption of solar products. That’s why your sales strategy is where it all comes to. Avoid the pitfalls and you are covered half of getting your solar sales on right on track.

3 sales mistakes to absolutely avoid

Both new and experienced solar salesperson must steer clear of the following three pitfalls at all costs. 

Mistake 1: Not providing the right and the required amount of information

We’d like you to read the heading again with an emphasis on ‘right and required amount’. Give out too much information and people might get overwhelmed. Reveal too little and they might just not feel convinced or sure about making the final purchase decision. Before getting on a call with the customer, you need to be completely sure about where the potential buyer currently is in his buyer journey. You also need to understand what is his exact requirement from solar. You know that most people are ‘largely’ unaware of the potential of the concept of solar. It’s important that you fill this gap with the required amount of information. 

A common mistake here is to approach customers with a standardized pitch that’s not customized to address their confusions and challenges. Pay close attention to your customers’ queries and prepare a pitch that will convince and motivate them to consider your solar proposal. Addressing your audience’s concerns is key.

A solar salesperson must always be well prepared to answer any questions that a potential customer or an existing one puts across. You might be asked plenty of them. For example, your reason for proposing a specific PV design or components, or what is the scope of solar in a particular region, what are relevant solar policies, financing options, and so on. 

Mistake 2: Over-promising (and, actually not being able to deliver that value)

It’s not just important to educate your audience about the benefits of solar. It is equally important to understand the ‘value’ of your product correctly. You shouldn’t just talk about the benefits but educate them about what goes into making a shift to solar. Overpromising and not being able to deliver what you pitched is going to earn you a bad reputation. Even if people do buy from you the first time they will very likely switch to your competition when you fail on your promise. They aren’t likely to spread good words around about your business. Here’s how you can almost always deliver on exactly what you promise to your customers:

  • Specify an installation date only after all approvals have been received and you have all the necessary equipment to complete the installation. 
  • Make use of good quality equipment and only replace it if the specific panels are absolutely out of stock. For this, always have a statement in your contract ‘read and signed’ by the customer. 
  • Never give an overestimate about the power generated by a solar system. However, do not give disappointing estimates too. The idea here is to make the customer feel a bit of happiness when his solar system is producing more than what the proposal promised.

Mistake 3: Failing to help at the right time with the right solution

The biggest mistake that most salespeople make is leaving their customers hands after completing sales. Making the product sell is just one of the jobs and not the do all and end all of the sales. Another key responsibility is to retain customers. And, this can happen when you are readily available to solve customer queries at all times. People admire instant gratification. 

Given that it is a digitally empowered world, people will demand that you be present at all times, at any channel, to address their questions. But to be able to do that, you need to identify where your engagement rates are the highest and how your consumers are interacting with the business. 

This requires digging deeper into data and analytics for instant decision-making and creating custom solutions that engage your target market at the right time, with the right message. 

Be it live chat, phone call, facebook messenger, or even Whatsapp, your presence is absolutely necessary 24/7. 

Since the solar market is something that most people will have a number of complex queries about, it is recommended that you put all your data to use to strategize using a mix of marketing automation and human support at the sales end. 

Wrapping it up

Creating a sales process that steers clear of the above-mentioned pitfalls is a matter of experience and expertise. Always pick the best people to get your solar panel or system installed, and you’ll never need to worry about a thing. From installation to post-sale support, everything is just brilliantly simple with people at SunPro.