3 Tips to Improve your Solar Sales Approach

3 Tips to Improve your Solar Sales Approach

Solar energy has been a long talked about subject. However, it has been only a recent advancement that a number of businesses have started really taking its potential seriously. As of now, the solar energy market is widely untapped and holds a lot of potential. Opportunities galore, as do challenges.

One of the biggest questions facing solar businesses is convincing investors about the idea. Even if companies do get investors to clearly understand your business and story, getting the end-user to believe in solar powered products is another huge hurdle to cross.

Solar products are highly unconventional products. Consumers, in their consideration phase, seek in-depth information about the functioning of solar based products. They seek as much knowledge as possible about the product, and in the process research online as well as ask questions. Businesses need to invest considerably in training their sales person to competitively answer all customer queries in the context of solar products. They need to make them proficient to resolve all queries quickly and accurately.

Other hurdles like lack of efficiency in customer service, complex user interfaces of software that sell solar products, etc. make it even tougher for solar businesses to survive.

3 Tips to Fuel your Solar Sales

To overcome the above-mentioned challenges in a growing market, and to ensure long-term success, solar businesses need to frame the right sales approach. Let’s walk through how a good sales strategy can help your solar business survive the heat that current market challenges present.
Convince with a story

Your pitch is your best bet. You need to connect with your investors and your customers with a message that resonates long and strong. Your story, however, should not revolve just around *your* idea or product. It should rather focus on what problems does it solve for the consumer. Present your solar business or product as the ultimate go-to solution for the ‘highlighted’ consumer pain point.

For example, “Soaring electricity bills are burning bigger holes in pockets’. The statement resonates with customers like you and me, right? Now, talk about how your solar business aims at solving this with your story and idea.

Know your target marketing and understand user mindset

Are you targeting commercial buildings or residential complexes? What market holds the largest potential for your product? How your product can help that specific target market? When you have answers to these questions, you’ll know exactly where to focus your marketing and sales efforts.

Furthermore, an understanding about who you are talking to, what matters to those (potential) buyers, and what their perceptions about solar energy are, will help you chart out your messaging clearly based on their stage in the buying cycle. For example, you might discover that people might love the idea of solar energy but are just not ready to make a $60,000 investment in it.
Use Intelligent Solar Sales Software.

The purpose of a solar sales software like SunPro is to increase the efficiency of the sales process, which companies otherwise struggle with. We’ve already pointed out that training cost takes up a big chunk of the sales budget. Having a sales software in place ensures that costs aren’t blindly drained on training.

Furthermore, customer acquisition cost takes up to a 90% dip when solar businesses deploy software like Sunpro for fueling their sales. Another challenge that such software address head-on is the ability to handle customer queries efficiently. Because the user interface is easy to work with, it empowers your sales team to understand and respond to customer requirements in time and offer custom solutions readily. Once again, your sales reps needn’t be solar pros to answer customer queries when using software like Sunpro.

Convincing customers about your product also becomes easy when can present techno-commercial proposal, for a variety of customer segments as and when required. Traditionally what would have otherwise taken multiple iterations, frequent back-end support team, and repeated client visits, can now be done in less than five minutes.

Wrapping It Up

Convincing customers about new technological advancement is a huge battleground. People have their opinions, doubts, and questions. And, even though people love the idea of ‘going green’, what they really lack is understanding and awareness about solar products. Educating people about products that run on solar energy takes up a considerable amount of time and effort. As a result, the sales cycle for such businesses is longer.

Customers queries don’t stop coming in even long after a sale has been completed because obviously, people need someone to constantly help them figure out how to best use a fairly new technological invention that they’ve invested in. This is where a solar sales software fits in perfectly to fuel your pre-sales, sales, as well as post-sale processes.

With software at your service, you can do the convincing better, acquire customers at a lower cost, and handle pre as well as post-purchase customer queries more efficiently.
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