Grow your solar business and increase profits

Reduce costs, amplify sales, and manage your solar business with ease

Craft impactful techno commercial proposals instantly

Instead of spending time collecting information and working with multiple teams to prepare proposals, the sales team can now focus their energy into pursuing more leads.

The techno-commercial proposal generated encapsulates all aspects of the proposed solar solution, such as – price, bill of materials, single line diagram, expected energy generation, savings, and much more.


Enhance collaboration and productivity while managing team performance

SunPro+, with its in-built tools, allows you to monitor performance of employees and independent sales agents, as well as identify areas of strength & improvement.

It further enhances your teams’ productivity with seamless flow of data across departments and automation of many erstwhile manual tasks.

Empower your solar business with an end-to-end solution

SunPro+ is an all-in-one solar platform designed to ensure that EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies are able to maximize value for their customers.


Incorporating pre-qualified vendors helps accelerate deal closure and project execution. Pre-qualified vendors ensure system performance, as quality standards are assured. SunPro+ also enables you to offer your clients financing options such as power purchase agreements and loans.

Smart Business

Insights gleaned from machine learning driven analytics will help improve sales strategy.


Enterprise users can customize the platform to meet their specific needs such as pricing model, policies, look and feel of the platform, content and format of techno-commercial proposals, etc.

Integration capabilities

The platform integrates seamlessly with various leading software solutions across different stages of solar sales workflow, from detailed design to asset management.

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