Frequently Asked

Click here and register to start using SunPro+. Our registration process takes less than a minute.
At the time of sign up, you just need to provide your email along with a preferred password. That’s all and you are good to go.
SunPro+ supports system design for:
  1. Systems with energy storage
  2. Systems without energy storage
  3. Petrol pumps
  4. Water pumps
A detailed techno-commercial proposal includes a company overview, system summary, technical overview, savings and energy generation data, balance of systems, and terms & conditions.
Our platform considers your consumption data to design an optimal solution for your needs.
You can use our platform to take pictures of the roof in all four directions and also capture inverter and earthing pit location.
We calculate the system’s payback period based on the system size, grid tariff, and diesel generator usage (if any).
Yes, we have a section that allows you to prepare PPAs.
Yes, SunPro+ lets you calculate your loan payments and check eligibility for loans if provided by a partner financial institutions.
You can change the vendor for key components like solar modules, inverter, battery, etc., and see its implication system price in realtime.
We provide two options, one is to optimise the system to your consumption and the other is to design for a standard system size.
You can try using SunPro+ for free limited to generating 5 proposals. To generate more, please see our flexible pricing plans
No, we do not ask for your card details for the free trial.
Yes, SunPro+ is available on the web which can be accessed from a browser and is also available as a mobile app for Android
We are live in India and will be serving customers in the USA, the Philippines, and Kenya in the next 3 months.
Your privacy is our priority, we only collect user data such as number of system sizings, total solar system size, etc., to improve your user experience and recommendations.
Please read through our privacy policy for more information.
Please reach us at for any of your issues and our support team will work with you to address your concern.
We’ve got you covered. Please email us at with your requirement and we will get in touch with you.
SunPro+ for desktop is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. For iOS, you can use SunPro on iPhone 5 and above with devices supporting iOS 8 and above.
It can be used on Android devices with Android 7.1 and above.