SunPro+ has a simple and easily adaptable interface which empowers your sales team to understand customer requirements and offer custom solutions instantly. No solar background is needed to use SunPro+.

Cost Reductio

Up to 90% reduction

In customer acquisition costs

Input on Mobile

2 inputs

Create detailed techno-commercial proposals using only two inputs


5 minutes

Design custom solar solutions and send proposals in less than five minutes

Run your entire solar business with ease

SunPro+ helps solar companies eliminate inefficiencies in the sales process and empowers them to run end-to-end business processes on a single platform.

The platform ensures seamless flow of information across different teams, via APIs, which link leading CRM software as well as design and asset management software.

An intuitive, easy-to-use platform for your solar business

Make solar simple with SunPro+

Quick go-live

Expedite go-live time with quick designs

Packed with pre-loaded data, it enables you to generate a techno-commercial proposal, for a variety of customer segments easily & quickly. Traditionally what took multiple iterations, a large back-end support team and client visits, can now be done in 5 mins.

The platform also enables you to provide potential customers with solar generation estimates and savings over multiple years.

Increase Sales Network

Exponential sales growth with increased number of customer touch points

No training or solar background is required to use SunPro+. This provides the flexibility to hire sales members with diverse backgrounds or build a team of independent sales agents.

Consistent Quality

Execute your projects with confidence

Pre-qualification of key component vendors ensures that quality standards are met and timelines adhered to. With SunPro+ you have access to global vendors who can handle your domestic requirements efficiently.

Business Strategy

Empower your business with smart analytics

The platform delivers in-depth analytics by leveraging machine learning to help you make informed decisions and improve your sales strategy.

One solution for your solar business


Customised Project

Smart Business

Easy Financing


Third Party

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